Episode 43 – South of the Border: US-Latin America Relations from Monroe to Mann

On Episode 43 of American History Too! we delve into the United States’ topsy-turvy relationship with its southern neighbours. The US has had a fascinating and complex relationship with its American cousins and joined by the University of Manchester’s Tom Tunstall Allcock (@TunstallAllcock) we trace its highs and lows from the Monroe Doctrine in the 1800s all the way to the 1960s and the LBJ administration’s ‘Man in Latin America’, Thomas Mann. 
We examine JFK’s ‘Alliance for Progress’ and whether LBJ really deserves the blame for its collapse or not, and how the 1965 intervention in the Dominican Republic fits into the wider story of Johnson’s presidency. Tom also treats us to the story of LBJ, a sheepdog, a monkey, and the West German Chancellor – stay tuned until the end for that one!
We’ll be back in December with a special episode on Japanese-Americans. 
Thanks again for listening.
Mark and Malcolm