Ep. 0154: Orwell Your Orwell with David Ramsay Steele

In this episode of the DHP, CJ talks to David Ramsay Steele, author of many books including his most recent, Orwell Your Orwell: A Worldview on the Slab, which is the subject of this DHP episode. Dr. Steele is a libertarian speaker and writer, and is Editorial Director of Open Court Publishing Company. (Big thanks to DHP listener Lee for putting me in touch with Dr. Steele!)

Join CJ & David as they discuss:

  • How David challenges the standard view of Orwell & his beliefs in this book
  • How Orwell’s beliefs fit into the intellectual milieu of the early- to mid-twentieth century British Left
  • Orwell’s frequently stated opposition to progress, innovation, and technology, and how this was actually the source of many of his misgivings about Socialism (even after he himself became a Socialist)
  • Orwell’s sudden changes of ideological positions on major issues at various points in his life
  • Orwell’s thoughts on a variety of topics, including anarchism, the British Empire, manliness & masculinity, homosexuality, birth control, and more

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