Ep. 0158: Talking National Security Cinema with Tom Secker

For this episode of the DHP, CJ is joined by researcher, writer, and podcaster Tom Secker, the man behind the website SpyCulture.com and the podcast Clandestime, in a conversation primarily about Tom’s research into the national security state’s massive influence on movies and television.

Join CJ & Tom as they discuss:

  • Being a ‘moderate conspiracy theorist’
  • A bit about Tom’s background and how he got into researching these topics
  • ‘Entertainment Liaison Offices’ (or ELOs), and how these offices influence the entertainment industry on behalf of the military, the CIA, FBI, and NSA
  • A bit about Tom’s research methods
  • Some of the more surprising things Tom has discovered in his research
  • The significance of the security state’s influence on popular entertainment

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