Middle East: Arab Revolt Pt. 1

With the downfall of the Ottoman Empire seemingly imminent, the British would reach out to its subjects in hopes of stoking the fires of rebellion.

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A World Undone by G.J. Meyer

Peace to end All Peace by David Fromkin

Fall of the Ottomans by Eugene Rogan

The Ottoman Endgame by Sean McMeekin

First World War in the Middle East by Kristian Ulrichsen

Cavalry, Firepower, and Swords: The Australian Light Horse and the Tactical Lessons of Cavalry Operations in Palestine, 1916-1918 by Jean Bou

Chemical Warfare and the Palestine Campaign, 1916-1918 by Yigal Sheffy

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The World War I Campaigns of Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck and T.E. Lawrence: A Comparison of Two Types of Guerrilla Warfare by Harold Coker Stevens