Ep. 0159: A Modern-Day Grunt’s Perspective, Part 3

Ep. 0159: A Modern-Day Grunt's Perspective, Part 3 thumbnail

Once again, CJ is joined by US Army veteran BT to talk about BT’s experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Join CJ & BT as they discuss:

  • Thoughts on various people using veterans (or “the troops”) as pawns in their ideological narratives, such as the NFL/kneeling-during-the-anthem controversy
  • Some stories from BT’s first deployment to Iraq, during which time he was a Cavalry Scout in and around Mosul
  • Some stories from BT’s second deployment to Iraq, during which time he was a Blackhawk crew chief and mechanic in Baghdad
  • Some stories from BT’s deployment to Afghanistan, again working on Blackhawks
  • Multiple cases in which BT got in trouble for pointing out safety issues with the helicopters
  • Some of the negative fallout to his mental and physical health, and the damage to his relationship with his family, due to his military service

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