“Urban Legends VI” is the all new sixth installment in our popular Urban Legends Series at 1001 Heroes. (Get the first five at 1001 Stories For The Road).

Contains: “Good Luck “DeceaMr. Gorsky” Neil Armstrong legend~”The Exploding Toilet”~”Don’t Forget The Undies”~”Elvis in the Underpass”~”I Killed Marilyn Monroe”~”The Ax Murders Hotel”~”The Hanging Man”~”Back To the Future Predicts The Cubs Win”~”The Subway Virtuoso”~”The Leaping Lawyer”~”The Accidental Porn Star”~”Cadaver Kin”~”The Flying Lawn Chair”~”Pool Pervert”. For the record, the Neil Armstrong story is not true, but it has become a popular urban legend.

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