“Black Sam Bellamy and the Wreck of the Whydah” tells the story of the notorious pirate Sam Bellamy, who, according to Forbes Magazine, acquired more stolen wealth than any pirate in his time.  He was only involved in piracy for one year, 1716-1717, but was remarkably successful, and had accumulated a wealth of treasure. According to Cape Cod legend, he, upon setting out upon his voyages, had fallen in live with a 16 year old girl named Maria Hallett who he promised he would return to as a wealthy man. She became pregnant, accidentally killed her baby, and was imprisoned for neglect, going crazy through it all. Sam returned, and was just off the coast where she was staying when a storm struck and his ship went down. As the years went by, the legend that his ship had contained riches faded and disappeared, until 1984, when a treasure hunter named Barry Clifford found the wreck containing 4 tons of silver and gold.

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BONUS EPISODE: ELIZA LUCAS AND HER CASH CROP (FROM 1001 STORIES FOR THE ROAD) The story of a 16 year old girl whose hard work and ideas saved the struggling colony of South Carolina and made her the 1st woman to be inducted into the South Carolina Business Hall of Fame.

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