Ep. 0161: “Disregarding the Laws of God and Man”: The Not-So-Civil War, Part 11

Ep. 0161: "Disregarding the Laws of God and Man": The Not-So-Civil War, Part 11 thumbnail

The end (of this non-consecutive series) is starting to come into sight, as the Union increasingly relies on ‘total war’ to completely crush the spirit of resistance among Southern civilians, regardless of any moral considerations.

Join CJ as he discusses:

  • Confederate General Jubal Early’s raid into Union territory, which reached the outer defenses of Washington D.C. before being fought off and chased back into the Shenandoah Valley
  • Philip Sheridan’s decisive defeat of Early’s forces, and Sheridan’s subsequent destruction of the farms, food, and infrastructure of the valley
  • The Atlanta campaign, which saw Union General William T. Sherman facing off against the Army of Tennessee, initially commanded by Confederate General Joseph Johnston
  • Jefferson Davis’s replacement of Johnston with John Bell Hood, and the disastrously costly offensives Hood launched Union forces that outnumbered his by over 2:1
  • Sherman’s shelling of Atlanta & ultimate seizure of the city, followed by the removal of remaining civilian residents
  • Sherman’s increasingly large-scale, deliberate targeting of civilians’ shelter & means of subsistence in “total war”
  • The 1864 presidential election, in which Lincoln was reelected, ensuring that the war would continue
  • Sherman’s burning of the remnants of Atlanta and “March to the Sea” across GeorgiaWanna meet CJ and ? 

Come out to the 2018 Midwest Peace & Liberty Fest in Deltona, Michigan! CJ will be there from Friday, June 22nd through Monday, June 25th, and will be speaking on Sunday, June 24th. Hope to see you there!

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