In this three part series THE YEAR OF THE UFO we’ll explore the huge number of UFO events that took place in the United States in 1952, beginning with the #BraxtonCountyMonster incident in Flatwoods, West Virginia on Sept. 12th, 1952 and then looking at the previous days and weeks to determine the many factors that led to that unique close encounter between a tall robot like alien and 12 very scared witnesses.

This episode includes portions of interviews with Frank Feschino, Stanton Friedman, and Ivan Sanderson, two of which we provide links to below, along with links to Frank Feschino’s and Stanton Friedman’s Amazon book pages.

In PART ONE: THE BRAXTON COUNTY MONSTER  We outline the events of the Sept 12th close encounter in Flatwoods
In PART TWO: UFO’S SWARM WASHINGTON DC  We explain the sightings over Washington two consecutive weekends in the summer of 1952 that drove the US Government to issue orders to “Shoot To Kill” and the disappearance of two USAF pilots, as well as Project Blue Book and the US Air Force’s attempts to cover up UFO’s. Frank Feschino’s work is discussed as well, and the Stanton Friedman interview begins.
In PART THREE   WE ARE NOT ALONE  1001 interviews famous UFOlogist Stanton Friedman and summarizes US actions and cover ups.

Flatwoods Monster with Frank Feschino, Jr & Stanton Friedman
Frank Feschino Book Page Amazon: 
Stanton Friedman Book page Amazon:

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